Meet Fen

This is Fen. Sure, she looks sweet. But don’t be fooled. Fen is terrifying.


Regardless of the time of day, her appetite is insatiable. Back when she was growing up in China, things were different. The streets were lined with fragrant street food and sizzling BBQ delectables. Restaurants were open 24/7, and people would gorge themselves on hot pot and other gastronomic delights for hours on end.

Not so much in London. Since we’ve moved to the nation’s capital, Fen’s favourite asian cuisine is in short supply. And the problem is, a hungry Fen is an unhappy Fen.

My name is Nick. I’m a writer and ex-Shanghai expat with a bit of an obsession with everything to do with the Middle Kingdom. This blog documents my continued journey into Chinese food and culture, cooking authentic Chinese food and discovering fantastic Chinese restaurants in London, with the goal of finding food that will satisfy Fen, and finally give me some peace.