Top 9 Chinese Restaurants to Try for London Chinese New Year 2016

London Chinese New Year is great, but there’s nothing quite like spending Chinese New Year in Fen’s home town of Fuzhou. There’s such a magic in the air as you walk down the unlit streets of the rural village, the air pitch black, bar the mysterious red glow of lanterns hanging on gates and doors. Then there’s the big night itself where you’re kept awake by the cacophony of fireworks lighting up the sky like a war zone, firecrackers scattering the floor with paper debris that you’ll ... Continue Reading

A Foodie Tour of Boston, MA

It's challenging feeding Fen at the best of times, but going on holiday to a place where her favourtie Chinese food isn't readily available has made life much more challenging over the last two weeks. Saying that, despite America generally not enjoying the best culinary reputation, I found the cities I stayed in had a great verve for food. True, a lot of the local dishes were as calorie-rich as you'd expect, but every state I went to had it's own eclectic collection of signature dishes - ... Continue Reading

London Chinese Food Festival 2015 – Chinese Cuisine on the Southbank

It's safe to say without a shadow of a doubt that Chinese food is Fen's favourtie. Now before going to China, my experience of Chinese cuisine was nothing much than a cheeky chicken chow mein and side order of sweet and sour chicken balls from the local takeaway - in short I thought Fen's love of the Chinese food was merely wild patriotism (a trait she does not deny). Having now lived and traveled extensively in the Middle Kingdom however, I can absolutely understand what all he fuss is about, ... Continue Reading